Refrigerated Pantechs

Chill a large payload with a Refrigerated Pantech from RTB. We can design and construct a fully insulated, high-strength and durable body that will not only last, but will enable you to meet the demands of carrying larger loads.

Our skilledĀ  team collaborates closely with clients to customise each refrigerated body according to their needs ensuring that whatever you need to move we can create a refrigerated body that will keep it cool.

Our Refrigerated Pantechs feature design and expert construction methods, ensuring your cargo remains perfectly chilled throughout its journey. The sturdy construction of our pantechs allows for safe handling of large loads guaranteeing that your deliveries stay fresh and dependable. With RTBs Refrigerated Pantechs you can enjoy high quality refrigerated transportation where performance, durability and temperature control combine to deliver you the best service.

Whether you’re in the food industry, pharmaceuticals or any field requiring chilled transport our Refrigerated Pantechs are the trusted choice, for keeping your products in the best condition.